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Minecraft Coding Online!

Minecraft Coding Online!

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This course, covering the first day of our Minecraft Coding Curriculum, goes over 8 key lessons in coding & game design. Have your child learn the fundamentals of code while playing a game they already love! Best for ages 6-13.

This course is entirely self paced,  your child can go as slow or as fast as they would like, and can replay instructional videos to perfect their code! There are also quizzes they will take every few lessons that will test them on the course material.

All 8 lessons can be found on the left side of the course, once purchased. 

There is also optional additional learning at the end of each lesson, covering Minecraft history & bonus coding knowledge.

At the end of the course, your child will receive a certificate for their hard work, creativity, and awesome Minecraft mods.

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