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Creator Camp

Advanced Animation Camp July 8-12

Advanced Animation Camp July 8-12

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Welcome to the Advanced Animation Camp! This camp is designed for young animators who are eager to dive deeper into the world of animation. Over the course of this intensive program, students will hone their skills in various animation techniques, including stop-motion, 2D animation, and digital effects. Our experienced instructors will guide them through advanced concepts and provide hands-on experience with industry-standard tools and software.

Age Group:
Ages 13 and older

Camp Duration:
5 Days (Monday - Fri) 9:00am-3:00pm

Key Skills Covered:
- Advanced Stop-Motion Techniques
- 2D Animation Principles
- Digital Animation Effects
- Storyboarding and Scriptwriting
- Sound Design and Voice Acting
- Character Design and Development
- Video Editing and Post-Production

Camp Features:
- Custom Camp Hat: Every participant receives a custom camp hat.
- Student-Made Videos: Each student takes home their completed animation projects.
- Stickers and Magnets: Fun camp-themed stickers and magnets.

- An iPad is required for this camp. If you do not own one, rental options are available.

The Advanced Animation Camp will be held at Intempo Studio: 24919 Roesner Rd, Katy, TX 77494

Join us for an exciting and immersive experience in the world of animation, and let your creativity shine at the Advanced Animation Camp!

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